Walking Is For Boring People


Let’s face it, sometimes walking can feel like you’re going at a turtle’s pace.  You don’t get anywhere fast and if you’re walking the same route it can become repetitive.  I am quite certain there are those individuals who like the repetitive nature, but really Walking Is For Boring People.  OK all kidding aside.  Walking is a great pass time and it’s great for the mind and soul, but often to get a substantial workout in, you have to log many miles in order to really get the blood flowing.

When you’re trying to get your daily steps in, you don’t just have to walk.  You can jog or run or do any other sport that gets you moving from one location to another, well unless you’re on a stationary machine.

Just remember that any exercise that burns roughly 100 calories (usually 15-20 minutes at a moderate pace) is equivalent to about 2,000 steps.  The difference of course is the muscles used for the particular exercise being done.  To truly build up your walking muscles, you will have to put time on the grass, pavement or treadmill walking.

Now let’s Prancercise.

For those that really want to get their prancercise on, here are a few tips.

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Tom Crandall

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