10K Steps Daily FAQ

10K Steps Daily FAQ

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Q: What is 10,000 Steps Daily about?

A: It’s our goal to get you to achieve a daily regiment of 10,000 Steps Daily.  This can include walking or running or Nordic walking or cycling or just about any other sport.  Anything to get you moving towards a better you.

Q: How do you convert time on a bike to steps?

If you have a bike that has a calorie readout or you know your calorie expenditure, then every 100 calories burned is “Approximately” equivalent to walking 1 mile. To get to 10,000 steps (5 miles) you will need to burn “Approximately” 500 calories (100 calories per 2,000 steps of walking).

Q: How many miles of walking is 10,000 steps?

Walking 10,000 steps is “Approximately” equal to walking 5 miles. The distance covered of course depends on the length of your stride.  Check out our article How Far Is 10,000 Steps

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