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OMG!   Oh My Guacamole…Guacamole Recipe 2016

What’s THE BEST guacamole recipe out there?

I want to know what YOUR favorite guacamole recipe is!  This recipe here, is one that I’ve been making for years and it holds its own!  It’s my go to; but I know that there are other fantastic and flavorful guacamole recipes being devoured.

Did you know that Avocado is Soooooo Good for you?  Mmmm  Full of Good for you healthy fats.  Don’t skip out on the fat please!

What are your favorite guacamole recipes?  I love this tasty and good for you snack or meal or dessert for that matter.  Do you think they have guacamole in heaven?  Count me in!

I mix up my guacamole recipes from time to time.  I like adding new ingredients and getting creative with this dish.  However, I do have a standard guacamole recipe that is my go to.

  • Obviously Avacados
  • Tomatoes
  • Lime or Lemon (usually lime)
  • Cilantro (sometimes Parsley instead)
  • Shallot
  • Fresh garlic
  • Jalapeno pepper (1/4 teaspoon)
  • Salt
  • Dash of Cumin
  • Corn. Yep that’s right. I add fresh chopped up bits of organic sweet corn!

Serve with…. NOT Tortilla chips… though they have their place… I serve my guac with fresh veggies, sometimes on a burger, or with eggs and beans… and last but not least…I serve this fresh and flavorful guacamole recipe with my latest favorite Japanese Sweet Potato Yam CHIPS.  You gotta try them out!

Best guacamole recipe 2016

Buon Appetito!  And again, I want to know YOUR best guacamole recipe too!  Tell us your tasty healthy secrets 🙂  Share them with the world!! 

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Best Guacamole Recipe 2016

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