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This year we introduced you to an electric skateboard known as the Boosted Board.  For those that don’t know, the electric skateboard is a relatively new concept.  The boards have very powerful battery packs that allow the skateboards to reach speeds of over 20mph and go up hill.  They also have a braking mechanism that allows the boards to slow or stop.  Boosted Boards is releasing a new version known as their 2nd Generation Boosted Board.

2nd Generation Boosted Board

2nd Generation Boosted Board

The company, Boosted Boards is almost ready to release their 2nd Generation Boosted Board.  Through a lot of R&D, testing and customer feedback modifications and enhancements have implemented to create a more robust boosted board including

  • Increased Battery Life
  • Water Resistant Housing
  • Updated Wheels, Trucks, Motor and Transmission
  • Radio Connectivity Improvements
  • Accessory Port Added

2nd Generation Boosted Board Battery Life

One of the limitations of the 1st generation board was how far it could travel on a single charge.  A new battery has been introduced that goes from a standard 99 watt-hour battery with a 6-7 miles (10-11 km) of range to a 199 watt-hour battery with a 12-14 miles (20-22 km) range, essentially doubling the distance one can travel using the board.  This is a game changer for those who want to use the board for commuting purposes and were limited by how far the board could travel on a single charge.  For those who live in large cities, you can rely on using the new 2nd generation board with a 199 watt-hour battery to travel to just about any venue without worrying about the battery dying on you.

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The new 199 watt-hour battery weighs a bit more than the 99 watt-hour battery and it isn’t air-transport certified.

Board Range

  • Standard Range (99 watt-hour battery): Single: 8 mi Dual: 7 mi Dual+: 7 mi
  • Extended Range (199 watt-hour battery): Single: 14 mi Dual: 12 mi Dual+: 12 mi

Boosted Board 2 Water Resistant Housing

2nd Generation Boosted Board Water Resistant

One of the major drawbacks with the first generation Boosted Boards was it’s inability to deal with damp and wet road conditions.  Riding a 1st generation board in the rain or through puddles VOIDED the warranty, essentially making the Boosted Board a fair weather friend rather than a reliable commuter option.  The Boosted board 2 address water damage issues by encasing the battery, electronic and motor in a water resistant housing.  The new housing is designed to prevent damage from puddles and/or wet riding conditions.

It’s too early to tell how effective the water resistant housing is at preventing damage, but it certainly goes a long way in adding value to the board as a commuting option.

Updated Wheels, Trucks, Motor and Transmission

The Boosted Boards are still made from the Loaded Vanguard deck, but everything underneath has been tweaked.  The Orangatang Kegel wheels are slightly larger 80mm, which has been shown to provide a smoother ride.  The new Trucks are a custom Boosted Boards design to improved carving.  The motor and transmission has been modified to increase motor torque and run cooler.  The transmission is now said to be easier to maintain.  They also shaved a bit of weight off.

Radio Connectivity Improvements

Improvements have been made to the Bluetooth radio to increase signal strength and security.  An additional Bluetooth radio was added for connection to a phone or smartwatch to to track stats like mileage, speed and battery life.

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Accessory Port

A water resistant high powered port was added to allow external accessories such as headlights, taillights or charging ports.  The accessory port is a welcome addition for those looking to add some safety lights to their boards.

Modular Components

The 2nd generation Boosted Board components are now modular and user-swappable.

V2 Boosted Board Vs The Competition

Yes the Boosted Board does have competition.  There are several companies either planning on a releasing this year or have already released electric skateboards.

The biggest rival to the Boosted Board is the Evolve Electric Skateboard.  The company is based out of Australia and the specifications on the GT Carbon board upend the 2nd Generation Boosted Board in almost every category except price and hill incline.

Boosted Board Boosted Dual+

  • Range: 12-14 miles (20-22 km)
    (Using the 199 watt-hour battery)
  • Hill Incline: Up to 25%
  • Cost: $1599 (199 watt-hour battery) (Dual+ Setup)
  • LCD Remote: No
  • Watts: 2,000W Electric Longboard
  • Deck: Wood
  • Top Speed: 22mph
  • Weight: 15.5
Evolve Electric Skateboard GT Carbon

  • Range: 31 miles
  • Hill Incline: Up to 25%
  • Cost $1995
  • LCD Remote: Yes
  • Watts: 3,000W Electric Longboard
  • Deck: Carbon
  • Top Speed: 26mph
  • Weight:

Both the Boosted Board and the Evolve GT Carbon can hit 22mph, but the GT Carbon travels much much further, by a whopping 15 – 17 more miles per charge, Boosted Board is going to have a hard time competing for those who need this extended range in their commute.  The extended range means much more riding between charges.

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The other really neat feature to the Evolve GT Carbon is their remote, which displays mph, distance traveled, battery life and a few other data points.  No need to have a phone or other smart device.

Evolve GT Remote Skateboard Australia Electric Evolve GT Carbon Skateboards Australia Electric


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Boosted Boards listened to their users and make fantastic improvement to the v2 boosted board lineup. Better battery life, better technology and better able to handle mother nature.

Major Improvement
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  1. Hi Tom, thanks for passing by at ElectricBoarder. Nice review! I’m looking forward to how it will handle in reality. They improved a lot of things, but I still think that the range is on the lower side.

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