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Life is wonderful, wild, beautiful, fun, FUNky, Adventuresome, Whimsical, Wonderful, and, well…. sometimes KNIT happens.  And when it does…. Find a field.  Lay down.  Kick your Fantastic Feet up to the skies… Because, even when Knit happens, Life is always full of AWE.

Zhenzee Fun Footwear
Photo credit Zhenzee Facebook Page

Zhenzee Fun Footwear … scroll to bottom for discount code!!!

I first lay my eyes upon these funky knit shoes while at last years The Running Event in Austin, Tx.  I had been overwhelmed with hours of walking around, looking at hundreds of running shoes and dozens of recovery shoes.  Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted something bright, funky, creative and up-lifting.

Not that the rest of the event didn’t have product that stood out; but these bad boys had a unique attitude and an “I just have to try those on” sort of lure to my tired feet.  How could I resist? The gal wearing these shoes was the most comfortable, relaxed, blissed out and joyful, energized person around at the end of a 72 hour long weekend and she was sporting Zhenzee fun footwear.  I had to get me some 🙂

A Creative, Playful, Feminine Recovery Shoe

recovery shoe
Photo credit Zhenzee Facebook page

Zhenzee shoes are a fun recovery shoe that can be worn anywhere.  Made with natural fibers that form to your feet, makes this a cozy shoe, especially when the air turns crisp! The sole of the shoe has a subtle curve (rockered sole) to support footstrike.

The midsole is cushioned for maximum comfort.  The cushioning is also just high enough to make me tower over my husband 😉  by an inch.  It’s definitely a comfortable shoe to wear around the house; but you can wear these anywhere! And why wouldn’t you with STYLEs like these???

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Plus, the sole of the shoe offers some protection from weather and wear-n-tare.  Recovery Shoe Funky Style Knit Happens Footwear

Enhance Your Zhenzee Fun Footwear with Inserts:

It’s also suggested, to add a shoe insert if there is a need for more support.  So far, I don’t have a need for the insert, but I can see how this may add a touch of even more comfort.  The shoe insert may also allow the shoe to fit a bit more snug if that is something you want.

Zhenzee Fun Footwear Women’s Shoe Sizes (USA):

XS  5.5-6.5   •   S  7-7.5   •   M  8-8.5   •    L 9-9.5   •   XL 10-11

Zhenzee Shopping Guide:

Be sure to check out your 15% discount code from image below!

Foxy Me, Hippy Stripe Bones, Hippy Stripe Blue, Hugs & Kisses, Bite Me, & Bones.  For $75.00 a pair, you and your feet will be happy wearing such creativity!  Plus you’ll be supporting Ocearch.org for global ocean research and help contribute to keeping our oceans healthy and sustainable.

Zhenzee footwear

From Zhenzee to me, and from me to YOU… XOXO!!!  It’s time for me to kick my funky feet up to the sky and be in AWE of LIFE!!!

Hugs and Kisses Knit shoes


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