Soul Journaling



Soul Journaling

Soul Journaling

Whether you like to talk to yourself, or to God, or to strangers or friends; conversation is crucial.  It helps us vent, redirect, support, and fuel ourselves.  Talking things out and thinking things over has its benefits of course; but writing down your thoughts, dreams, desires, and even worries and frustrations can become a healthy and rewarding habit…. Caution though, sometimes talking and thinking and brewing things over and over again can become an addiction or keep us stuck in a sticky situation.  Journaling is something unique to each person and there are no rules to it, but sometimes we can forget how much impact our writing can have on our lives.  While there is no set rule to journaling, I have found that when I structure my journaling, my life seems to move more freely or at least generate some good momentum.

soul journaling

If you haven’t yet given yourself space and time to journal, here are some recommendations on how to get started… or even if you already have your own journaling routine.

  • Get yourself a journal… Go all out and get yourself an amazing and unique journal, or keep it simple and grab a 99 cent notebook.
  • Typing is another option for quick writing, but I encourage handwritten journaling.  It helps to slow things down.
  • Create a special place for yourself to write (at a cafe, outside, quiet room, your own desk)
  • Give yourself a set time to write (suggestion: 10 minutes minimum 35 minutes max, unless your on a roll, then keep going)
  • Date your journal each time you write in it. (I also like to write down the time)
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Get Creative with your journaling too!  Grab the colored pencils or markers…

Soul Journaling

Free Write Journaling:

  • Let loose and write anything and everything until you feel compelled to get more focused.
  • Include your mood and feelings.
  • No self correction or editing.  (this is not the place to worry about your grammar and punctuation… keep things flowing)
  • Include images, quotes, lists, whatever.
  • Free write constantly for designated time.  Who knows where your mind will go…

I love Lists

List Journaling:

  • Write a list… simple.
  • List out your daily chores
  • List out your desires, dreams, goals
  • Write down your favorite words

What can I say, I love lists!  Often times I write the same thing down over and over, but it helps with keeping me accountable.  Checking things off really is satisfying for me 😉

Soul Journaling

Gratitude 5 Journaling:

  • Write down 5 things you’re grateful for today
  • Write down 5 people or animals that inspired or effected you today
  • Write down 5 moments that reminded you of life’s divine beauty
  • Write down 5 moments, thoughts, or images that sparked your curiosity
  • Write down 5 ideas that crossed your mind today; and you’d pursue these ideas regardless of possible obstacles.

This type of journaling can have powerful effects on anyone who puts forth the genuine effort.  It’s a great practice for anyone looking for a lift in spirit.

Let’s Get SMART about it all….

soul journaling

Seasonal and Weekly Goal Journaling~ Setting Goals the SMART Way:

  • Write down your “Bigger Picture” Goals…How do you want to see your life 5-10 years from now?
  • Write down your “Not too distant Picture” Goals… How do you want to see your life in 6 months to a year?
  • Write down your “Getting Closer” Goal… What do you want your life to be like in 2 or 3 months?
  • Write down your “Immediate Weekly” Goals… What specific things can you do THIS week that will help you get closer to your “getting closer” goals?
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Follow the above structure and the notes on the napkin 🙂  I try to check in seasonally to see if my bigger goals or distant goals have changed.  The “Immediate Weekly” and “Getting Closer” goals can be written down weekly.

This is a great structural journaling practice that (in my experience) gets things done!!!


Little additions:

  • When I write out my goals or dreams, no matter if I write with structure or free style, I do like to add a special word or a few words that resonate with me for the time being.  For the past month or so, my word is and has been: MOMENTUM.


Other Creative Goal Getting Ideas:

  • Mind Mapping
  • Vision Boards

The sky is the limit with Journaling and expressing what’s going on inside.  Give yourself space and time to let it out.  Who knows… Your dreams and goals may just be on the other side of your written word!!

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