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Best Protein BarRISE Bar The Best Protein Bar Around!

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Rise Bar | Protein Bar Review | 2017


There’s a new bar in town… well not so new. They’ve been around since 2011, but they are new to me; in fact I stumbled upon them at only one grocery story chain here in Austin (Sprouts).  Maybe they’re at other stores, but I have yet to find them.

With dozens of different protein bar brands to choose from, deciding on which one is the best can be difficult.  But I’ll help you out and share with you THE number one Best Protein Bar around!  I’m raising the bar!  I have found no other protein bar that tops the RISE BAR.

What Makes the RISE Bar the best Protein Bar?

  • 3-5 ingredients per bar
  • Non- GMO ingredients
  • USDA certified Organic when possible
  • Gluten Free
  • Balance of Proteins/ carbs / sugars *(too often I find other protein bars with way too much sugar and all sorts of uneccesary ingredients).
  • Does not contribute to belly ache like so many protein bars can
  • Rise Breakfast and Fruit Bars do contain more ingredients than the protein bars*




  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Honey
  • Almonds

There are a variety of flavors, and each protein bar contains 3-5 ingredients.  The Honey Almond Rise Bar is my personal favorite with just the three ingredients from above.


If you haven’t already tried the Rise Bar, here’s my advice:

  • Raise the Bar…
  • Rise the Bar…
  • Rise above…
  • Be wise – Rise…
  • Ahh… JUST EAT IT 🙂
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Check out their blog and order your Rise Bar via their site.  Click here.

*I have no affiliation with Rise Bar. I simply am a fan and a Protein Bar Snob… my belly is picky.

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