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Pono Ola Logo Pono BoardThe Pono Board from Pono Ola incorporates elegance, keen design and functionality to make an altogether fantastic workout prop and balance board.  Jeff Olson, the Co-Founder of Pono Ola contacted us back in January and sent us one of their Pono Boards to review.

Pono Ola Balance Board Review 2017 A Pono Ola Balance Board Review 2017 D Pono Ola Balance Board Review 2017 B Pono Ola Balance Board Review 2017 C

Pono Ola Pono Board

When the board arrived, we were really impressed with the design and color palette.  From the moment you see the Pono Board, you can tell it’s professional all the way.  The color selection, accents and style make the board look as good as it performs.  To us it ranks up there with companies such as Rapha, Evolve, Milestone and a few other companies we have had the pleasure of reviewing.  Each of these companies have created products that stand head and shoulders above others for looks and design.

Pono Board Arrives

The Pono Board arrived in a big box.  Inside the box, the Pono Board was encased in plastic with some paper to pad the board during shipping.  The board came ready to use (No assembly required).  Also included was a pump used to pump up the 4 inflatable balls.  Ours came pre inflated and seemed to be just about right.

Each ball / board leg can be inflated from 5-15 lbs depending on your needs.  Over inflating the balls can cause ball damage.  Also for those that like to leave items in their car on hot summer days, beware that this MAY also cause ball damage due to heat.  I remember hearing a few tires burst at triathlon races because of over inflating and hot transition areas where the bikes were stationed.  Most people though shouldn’t have an issue as long as you inflate the balls to the proper specs.

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Pono Ola Balance Board 2017 Review A

Pono Ola Balance Board 2017 Review B

The Pono Board neatly tucked away in the box.

Pono Ola Balance Board 2017 Review C Olaf Pug

Olaf, our pug, had to be first to test out the Pono Board.  He gave it 2 Paws up.

Pono Board Specifications

The Pono Board comes in 2 ball color options including Lotus Mint and Cool Grey.  Lotus Mint, which we received, is a fantastic color and works extremely well with the bamboo board color scheme.  Ah yes the bamboo board looks stunning and accents the Lotus Mint perfectly.

Each board is assembled in the US with parts coming from other locations (not specified).

Retail Price $140.00
Weight 5.9 lbs
Dimensions 14.5 x 29.5 x 3.5 in
Ball Color Lotus Mint, Cool Grey
Board Color Natural Bamboo
Material Board: Sustainably harvested bamboo,
Ball: PVC. Free of harmful phthalates & BPA
Movement Horizontal Plane Isolation
Skill level Beginner to Advanced –
Yoga, strength training, standing desk, therapy…
Inflation 5-15 lbs, pump included
Over inflation will damage balls
Capacity 250 lbs, 110 kg
Assembly Not required
Patented US20150321051A1,
WO2013062746A1 (utility)
29/524,611 (design)
Country of Origin Made in the USA of US and foreign parts

The Pono Board from Pono Ola

The Pono Board has all sorts of uses including being used for

  • Fitness
  • Standing Desk
  • Exercise
  • Rehab

Most balance boards are difficult, and you have to concentrate to stay on them, and you can’t do anything else.  Pono Ola created a balance board on the other end of the spectrum, something that was easy to do yet fun.  Their inspiration came from exercising and playing on sandy beaches, terrain where you don’t feel out of control when working out.  That’s the type of instability they’ve set out to create and I think they have come close to it.

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We have found some really good exercises to do with the Pono Board including

  • Pushups
  • Squats
  • One Leg Drills (Knee Ups)
  • Crunches

We mixed these drills into our daily routines to add a little fun and spice things up.  We especially like using the board for Squats and One Legged Drills.

Is There A Learning Curve?

We found that anyone can use the Pono Board right away and there is almost zero learning curve.  The only thing you will be learning is how to incorporate it into your other routines.

Is It Heavy?

The Board only weighs 5.9 pounds, so it’s light enough for anyone to use and move around.

Are There Safety Issues?

As with any elevated surface, you should be careful not to put all your weight on the edges.  Doing so could cause the board to flip.  I played around with my footing and found the board to be pretty stable even when I was pushing the limits of where I should stand.

If you weigh more than 250lbs, this board isn’t for you.  The maximum weight limite on the Pono Board currently is 250lbs.

Is there A Competitor to the Pono Board?

The closest board we have tested is Fitter First Soft Board.  While both boards are similar in design, the Pono Board is a much more refined and a better looking product.  The ability to adjust ball tension is also something the Soft Board lacks.  The clear winner is the Pono Board.

Can You Use It For A Standup Workspace?

The Pono Board is a very stable easy to use platform that would work well in any standup work area or station.

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Bottom Line

The Pono Board is absolutely beautiful and looks as good standing against the wall as it is fun to use.  We couldn’t find anything wrong with the board and it seems perform exactly as it was designed to do.  Even the price seemed reasonable for what you get.

Pono Ola gets thumbs up for using sustainably harvested bamboo and for making the product in the US.


What’s next. They’re creating accredited classes for certified trainers and yogis. Pono Ola are creating ‘Moments of peace and relaxation’ videos for work and home, to help you breathe life back into our bodies and minds.

Check out all the Pono Ola goodness on their website and social media.

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