Japanese Yam Chips Recipe


Japanese Yam Chips

Japanese Yam Chips with guacamole… Yam Yam Yum Yum That’s right, these good for you potato chips are Yammy, I mean Yummy.  I’ve known about baking potato fries and even sweet potato fries, but this is my first time learning about and tasting Japanese yam chips.  I first heard about it in a healthy fit group via my church.  A group of us have been following The Daniel Plan Detox.  It’s not your normal detox, you’re actually encouraged to eat a balance of proteins, carbs, and fats.  I’ve been avoiding grains and sugars and dairy for ten days; after that, I will gradually add back goat kefir and yogurts, and grains, such as rice, quinoa or amaranth; and even lentils and beans.  Anyway, today is day 10.  I’ve just about made it!  But today is also the day that I happen to be CRAVING like mad!  Chewy, crunchy, salty Ahhh gimme something yummy.  Or Yammy.  Seriously, if you have not tried a Japanese Yam before, go out and find one.  It’s not quite as sweet as a regular orange colored sweet potato.  It’s much more mild or even a tad bitter. Also more satisfying than a regular boring potato… sorry.  I’m now partial.

Alright already… I’ll get to the good part:

The Recipe: Japanese Yam Chips with guacamole:

What you’ll need:

  • 1-2 large Japanese Yams


  • Herbs of your liking (I use sea salt, rosemary, tarragon, little bit of chili, dried basil)
  • Solid cutting board and knife OR mandolin.
  • *Slice Really thin* be careful


  • Large mixing bowl
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (drizzle over just enough to lightly coat)
  • *could also use ghee or coconut oil instead
  • Mix herbs
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  • Baking Sheets (spread out thin and do not overlap taters)


  • Heat oven to 380F  (400F for crispier)


  • Everyone needs an old fashioned timer Tic Tic Tic Tic…
  • Approximately 40 minutes *(keep an eye on taters and flip as needed)


It’s go time!  Empty chips onto plate and let cool for a few minutes.



  • Serve well and share!  Bon appétit!

Cheers to your heart health!!! Inside and out.

Kathleen Crandall



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