Overindulge ~ Don’t do it



Don’t do it… you know better than that… but just one more bite… it’s healthy…


“Save a Little Space for God in Your Belly.”

This is a mantra I have for when I eat. Or a mantra I at least pray will work for me.  It’s perfect for me, because I love food.  I love lots of food.  Often times my belly doesn’t seem to tell me when it’s full and I keep consuming bite after bite, filling up on all sorts of healthy and good for your foods, but the trouble is, too much of a good thing is also not such a good thing after all.  It seems like an obvious statement, right?  But think about it… How often do you overindulge?  Even if it’s on a “normal” healthy meal, or just one more bite of that chocolate bar… After all, it’s organic and dark chocolate made with coconut oil and no added preservatives.  It’s the good kind of fat and it has antioxidants!  It’s the purest of the pure of chocolate.  For the recipe – you know you want to try it… click here. Really, it’s delicious.  But be better about it than me.  I just don’t have the self control for moderation.  But that’s going to change. (Stay tuned for more about the Daniel Plan to find out how you can change your health habits for good)


But when you gorge on entire 1/2 cup of coconut oil and 1/4 cup of raw cocoa and a couple of tablespoons of maple syrup in nearly one sitting… and don’t tell your husband about it… Yes I’m talking about yours truly, a health and wellness advocate… This girl needs help folks. Chocolate is my Achilles heel.  So are cookies and thin crust brick oven baked pizza.

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Yeah… It’s rare that I make a tray of homemade coconut chocolate bars anymore because the tray is truthfully nearly gone by the time my husband gets home and I either try my best to hide it from him and pretend that there’s no such thing as the most amazing and “healthy” dessert just tucked away into the freezer, just an arms reach away from me, no no no!  Or I shamefully point it out that I have a problem that we both already know about.  Chocolate addiction.  It IS Serious.  YOU know who you are.  YOU know that you too will eat it all and hide it from your husband or boyfriend or room mates.  Just like you do when you buy a shirt on clearance and tuck it away in your drawer for a couple of weeks or months before you let your husband see it, and when he does see it, and questions you about it, you say, “What? this old thing?  I’ve had it for ages.” I always get busted.  Every single time. Well at least I know my husband pays attention.

Anyway, back to the chocolate bars, or the NOT eating the chocolate bars, or whatever it is that beckons you to eat just one more bite… Back to “Saving a Little Space for God in Your Belly.”  This mantra is life saving.  A belly that is chronically too full, is dangerous; even if what you consume is all organic and natural, whatever you try to tell yourself to convince yourself that it’s no big deal.  Chronic overindulgence can raise unnecessary havoc on our systems.  Not just belly bloat, or constipation, or weight gain; but this bad habit can lead to serious conditions over time.

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happy bellyJust tell yourself this each time you eat!

Overeating to the point of being stuffed and uncomfortable is outdated. I’m learning to slow down, and be present with my food…. well… unless I’m taking photos of my food and getting all sorts of Instagram crazy. Anyway, save room for God in your bellies. Bon appetite and blessings to you <3

Kathleen Crandall


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Kathleen Crandall

Fitness and Wellness Enthusiast, Creative Writer, Pilates Instructor, Wife of Wonderful Husband, Mommy to an Amazing Pug, Nature lover, and Food Fan.

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  1. Tom Crandall

    She really does love food. It’s a funny thing to see Kathleen look at my plate and then look at hers. I can see her sizing up each and pondering if I got more. I keep trying to tell her I should be able to eat more…well because I am bigger than her. It seems to have little effect as she asks if I am going to eat all of what is left on my plate.

    I guess I shouldn’t tell her that I ate 2 cookies today. 🙂

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