The Daniel Plan


The Daniel Plan

Have you ever tried and tried to change your diet or Rev up your fitness routine?  How long did it last?  Was it sustainable?  Was it enjoyable?  What does your health mean to you?  What is its worth?  What’s preventing you from being healthy?  What keeps you hoping for better health?  And more importantly, HOW can you get healthy and stay healthy?  HOW?

Well, one suggestion that I’m investigating right now, is with support and guidance from The Daniel Plan.  Our church that we go to is in the midst of following this plan for 40 days.  A group of us have taken the plunge and are learning about Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus, and Friends; and how all these F’s are Freakin Fantastic and Flippin For Real!  Ok 🙂   For real though, this is a great plan for all folks looking to change their health and their habits.  It’s body, mind, and spirit!  And if any of these F’s are a weak point for you, I encourage you to try it out with all your commitment and watch yourself grow healthier on all levels!

Faith Food Fitness Focus Friends

What is the Daniel Plan all about?

If we are only striving for a sexy body, or a pain free body, or to cut bad unhealthy habits, our desires and efforts can only go so far.  For most of us, can our sheer will-power effectively sustain a healthy lifestyle?  For some of us, maybe, but many of us fall to tasty temptations, comfortable couches, and even pity parties and excuses.  Our priorities are all wonky and quite frankly, what is at the foundation??

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The Foundation of the Daniel Plan is Faith.  Plain and simple.  We don’t have to rely solely on our will power.  The 5 F’s… Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus, and Friends.  Let these be your pillars.  That’s the message at least from this plan.

What might you learn from reading this book or following the plan?

  • Learn to read food labels correctly
  • Clean out your kitchen… no more harmful foods to tempt you or poison you
  • Grace and forgiveness
  • Good Health in body, mind and spirit
  • A new relationship with food!

“Save a Little Space for God in Your Belly.”

The Daniel Plan

Let your Food Nourish You, NOT Punish you.  

The Daniel Plan

Follow this link: Gateway McNeil Campus #2016 Challenge Accepted: For more steps and discussion questions to help you go further in your health and fitness quest.

2016 Gateway Challenge Accepted

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