10,000 Steps Daily Challenge – 2,000 Steps by 9am


Starting January 10th we are starting our first 10,000 Steps Daily challenge.

2,000 Steps by 9am

The challenge is to get 2,000 steps in before 9am from January 10th – January 17th.  That said, this could be something you do for life.

For some this will be a breeze for others the thought of doing anything before 9am will be torture.  We feel your pain, but as they say “No pain – No Gain”.

Actually for just about anyone getting 2,000 steps in before 9am is a very achievable goal.  You might feel forced at first, but just stick with it.  By they end of the week you just might discover YOU CAN DO IT!

How far is 2,000 steps?

On average 2,000 steps 1 mile or about 13 – 20 minutes of walking.  As a bonus you will burn 100 calories for your effort.  If you want to run, the distance is roughly 1.25 miles due to longer strides.
A secondary bonus is you will be boosting your metabolic rate.

So set your alarm clocks an hour earlier and get ready to walk or run the morning away.  You know YOU CAN DO IT and you will feel so much better.

Any Advice or Motivation?

  • We have found that organizing your workout cloths the night before really helps, especially if it is cold in the morning.  It also mentally prepares you for the morning workout so that you’re not running around in a fog trying to figure out what to wear.
  • Use a layering system if you live in a cold climate.  Having multiple layers means you can start off warm and if you get hot, you can always shed a layer or two of clothing.
  • Get an alarm clock and put it out of reach.  In the mornings it’s easy to get tempted to hit the snooze button.
  • If you have a significant other, get them to join you, but make sure they can commit.  Sometimes you have to do it alone and that is OK.
  • If time is an issue, make sure to start the morning a bit earlier.  30 to 40 minutes earlier is all you will probably need.
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Do I Need A Step Counter?

For this challenge you really don’t, although they are nice to have.  If you want some recommendations, check out our articles on

10,000 Step Challenge - Mornings

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  1. Kim

    2,000 Steps Challenge competitor (Kim Hilscher). Kim used a Fitbit and crushed the 2,000 before 9am challenge. Here daily average was 10K steps per day.

    Way to Go Kim!

    Mon – 10,816
    Tue – 11,108
    Wed – 9,982
    Thu – 11,695
    Fri – 5647
    Sat – 10,641
    Sun – 10,442

    Total Steps for the challenge 70,331

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