Juicing Benefits – using Low RPM Juicers


Omega-VRT350-HD-Single-Auger-Juicer-Low RPMsThis week we started up our Juicing regiment again.  For those that don’t know, juicing can be quite good for you.  When I say juicing I am talking about squishing, mashing and pulverizing fruits and vegetables into tasty drinks.  Our favorite right now is a carrot/apple combo.  Super tasty and really good for you.

2 Methods For Juicing

There are two main methods to create juices.  The first method is to use a high speed blender and throw everything in.  Most of your typical fruit shake shacks use this method.  The problem with this process is that many good enzymes can get destroyed through friction and heat buildup.  The benefits of course are easier cleanup and speed.

A second and more preferable method for Juicing is to use a low RPM juicer.   Low RPM juicers come in two types, single action augers and dual action augers.  The trend right now is to use the single action vertical augers, which tend to be cheaper and a little easier to clean and maintain.  They also take up a bit less countertop space.

Our Juicer is called the Omega VRT350 HD Single action auger juicer from Omega Juicers.

Benefits of Low RPM Juicers

  • Lower RPM juicers produce less friction and less heat, thus preserving many enzymes that can be destroyed during the juicing process.
  • Lower RPM juicers masticate/chew up the food to squeeze out juice. High RPM juicers such as centrifugal juicers, spin juice. During this spin process a lot of oxidation of juice occurs. The oxidation process removes some of the nutritional benefit from the juice itself.

Below is the Omega Low RPM Horizontal Juicer

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Omega Low RPM Horizontal Juicer

Below is the Omega Low RPM Verticle Juicer

Juicing Benefits using Low RPM Juicers - Omega Low RPM Verticle Juicer


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