Best Commuter Lights For Cyclists


Let’s face it, cycling in the dark can be both dangerous for you and others.  Being able to see and be seen is vitally important to your health and well being.  So to help out we thought we would talk about the Best Commuter Lights For Cyclists, but really this could apply to anyone who cycles in urban areas or out on the road.

Best Commuter Lights For Cyclists

Our main prerequisite with a commuter light is it needs to be bright (around 650 – 1,000 lumens) and USB rechargeable.  The tail lights should also be rechargeable and extremely bright.

Based on the above we felt only 4 companies produced front/tail light combinations that surpassed others.

Light & MotionLight & Motion Urban Lights

Light & Motion is at the top of our list.  They make fantastic reliable easy to attach lights, that are perfect for the quick outing or longer commute.  Their Urban 800 puts out enough light that oncoming traffic will be hard pressed to distinguish you from a motorcycle and certainly puts out enough light for any cyclist to confidently ride in the most extreme urban settings.  At 800 lumens you might hear the occasional, turn down your light, but then you will know it’s really working.

Light & Motion offers 3 versions of the Urban light set combo including a 350 lumens, 650 lumens and the all powerful 800 lumens.  Or recommendation is to get the highest lumens you can afford.  All lights in the urban range run typically 1.5 hours on high and 6 hours on low.

What sets their headlights apart from mean others is the side light window improving visibility from oncoming side street traffic.

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Purchase: $220


SerfasSerfas TSL-750 Headlight USL-TL80 Tail Light Cycling

Serfas makes absolutely bomb proof lights.  Their mounting system is very secure and we have had zero issue with the lights over the years.  Their TSL-750 Headlight is an absolute monster pouring out enough light to brighten up the darkest of days.  Combining the TSL-750 with a Serfas USL-TL 80 Tail Light is just about all you would need in any commuting environment.  The 750 floods the road ahead of you, while the USL-FL80 creates a awesome rear safety light.  The USL-TL 80 is probably the best tail light we have come across, it’s wicked bright.

Beyond lights Serfas makes tires, optics and other cycling specific gear.

Purchase: $235


Niterider Lumina 800 oled sentinel 40_combo Cycling Light

NiteRider™ has been producing high performance lights for outdoor adventure since 1989.  From the beginning they have built a reputation based on delivering the highest quality, most reliable outdoor lights available.  I started racing triathlons back in 1988 and can remember getting a killer light (in the 90’s) that was absolutely crazy good.  It came with one of those water bottle looking batteries.

What sets the NiteRider OLED 800 Lumens light apart from the pack is a leap forward in light design using a multi-functional integrated digital display.  This gives the user a precise reading on battery life and run time.  By checking the status before the ride and during a ride, you will know exactly when you need a recharge and when you might need to power down to save battery life.

Purchase: $209


Exposure Strada Blaze Lights

While certainly not as well known here in the US, Ultimate Sports Engineering (USE) out of the UK makes lights that are as elegant as they are functional.  Their Exposure line are the Apple of the lighting world.  Reliable, elegant and without a doubt crazy good.

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Everything about the lights oozes quality and craftsmanship.  No cheap parts allowed.  The handle bar quick release locking mechanism is the best in the industry and once locked in place your light doesn’t bounce or shift.

The only drawback to the Exposure line is they are quite expensive compared to similar lights.  That said, once you have an Exposure light, it’s hard to buy anything else.

Purchase: $408.77

So there you have it.  The Best Commuter Lights For Cyclists bar none.  Now for those that are looking for commuting backpacks, don’t forget to check out our Best Commuter Backpacks For Cyclists.

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