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In order to GET FIT and STAY FIT you need incorporate the principles of FREQUENCY, INTENSITY & TIME to your weekly workout regiment.RPE Rate Of Perceived Exertion

Rather than workout at a single intensity, you will be applying the FIT principle of short bursts of high intensity movements followed by lower intensity movements.  Some may know this type of training as interval training.  It has been used by athletes of all levels and has been shown to boost fitness and be more effective than simply exercising at the same intensity.

How To Integrate A FIT (Frequency, Intensity and Time) Workout
Into Walking A Walking Program

Today we would like to look at how to Apply the FIT methodology to a walking program.

  • Frequency – Depending on your fitness level, you are looking to incorporate 2 to 4 FIT sessions a week.
  • Intensity – Intensity can be measured on a scale of 1 – 10, known as RPE (Rate of Perceived Exersion).  You will be aiming for 5 to 8 on the RPE scale.
  • Time – Depending on your fitness level you can add or subtract time and repetions from the main set.

Beginner Interval Walking Workout

Below is an excellent chart to get into being FIT.

Beginner Interval Walking Workout

Once you have mastered the chart above, play around with adding more repetitions or time for each main set segment.  If you’re adventurous and want to add a twist, you can always integrate Nordic Walking Poles into the equation.

Have fun and stay FIT!

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