How To Become A Morning Person


How To Become A Morning Person 2A recent survey was conducted that said over 95% of World population classify themselves as bedheads.

OK maybe I am overstating things a bit and maybe there wasn’t such a survey, but there are loads of people out there that absolutely dread early mornings.  They wake up grouchy and don’t want to be talked for at least an hour.  Take heed to those who interrupt their morning ritual of coffee or other high octane boosters.

While it is certainly true that some people were born early risers, most have to work up to it.

Why? What are the benefits?  Well for one thing getting up early means you can seize the day, Carpe Diem and all that.

Weather wise, mornings can be the best times of the day.  All sorts of critters come out of their hiding places to scurry about, birds sing some wonderful tunes.  It’s like life is waking up and it’s a beautiful thing.


There are a few easy rules, that if followed will make you a MORNING PERSON in no time flat.

  • Have a purpose or a plan for you day.  It is so easy to hit the snooze button and lay in bed if you don’t have anything planned.
  • Plan you day the night before.  Make a list of goals you want to achieve for the following day.  Have a game plan that allows you to literally Seize the day.  Lay out your morning workout cloths the night before.  It’s literally a time saver.
  • Create Obligations – Make plans with friends or family early in the morning.  If you do, it’s much harder to back out of them and sleep your day away.  Think of it as a little built in obligation motivation.
  • Make It Difficult To Get Back In Bed.  As soon as you get up, see if you can make the bed, that way there is no temptation of going back to sleep.  If you’re married or live with a partner, this may be a little more difficult if they are not in tune with your desire to becoming a morning person.
  • Place The Alarm Out Of Arms Reach – Having to get out of bed to turn off an alarm makes it much more probable that you will stay out of bed than if it’s in arms reach.
  • Go To Bed Early – Needless to say, if you act like a night owl, you’re going to have difficulty getting up early.  Your body needs it’s sleep to recover from workouts and mental stresses, so staying up late only to get up early isn’t a great game plan.  My dad said “Nothing Good Ever Really Happens After 11pm”.  Basically he was instilling the pattern that people can get in trouble if they stay out or up too late.  Usually the beer starts flowing and eventually drunk people start driving.  Better to be at home in bed, where it’s much safer.
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One of the little secrets about those who wake up early is they tend to be pretty positive people, usually with a pretty stellar outlook on life.  They tend to be more healthy than their late sleeping counterparts.

To start things off right, find something that puts you in a good mood in the morning.  This can be music, a positive book, the bible, whatever gets you going.

Avoid Technology – At least Facebook and Email.  Let the morning be freedom from the high tech world, at least for a little while.


Creating a healthy mindset establishes your mood for the day.  A positive mind creates a positive life.

Negative thoughts or energy early in the morning often can linger throughout the day.

“I hate getting up”, “I hate the mornings” all are negative thoughts that will make or break you.

You have to retrain “YOUR BRAIN” to love mornings and so you WILL wake up early.

  • I like getting up early because I have a full day ahead of me.
  • I like getting up early because I have free time think.
  • I like getting up early because I have more time to get things done that I have been putting off.
  • I like getting up early because I don’t have to rush to get to work.
  • I like getting up early because I …

Training your brain and your body may take time, but stick with it and KEEP RE-ENFORCING the POSITIVES of waking up early.

Eventually you will realize that you actually do like mornings.  Eventually you will probably find yourself saying Wow, I actually like getting up early.

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NOTE: To help push you along Have A Baby, Get A dog.  You will never have a late morning again.  Please note we don’t condone either of these actions unless you’re responsible.


Give yourself some energy by getting out and exercising, go workout or go running.  Try not to rely on coffee or energy drinks to give you a boost, rely on your bodies natural forces to wake you up and feel alive.


  • Mornings are amazing because you’re less likely to get distracted.
  • Putting off things you could do in the morning means you’re more likely to hit roadblocks or excuses that prevent you from doing it later in the day.
  • Morning sunrises are absolutely gorgeous with their brilliant colors, wait a few hours and you will have missed it.
  • Morning air feels fresh and invigorating.
  • Wind is usually the calmest in the early mornings.  This is usually a great time to run or walk.
  • Getting 2,000 or more steps in the morning means you will hit your 10,000 Steps earlier.


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