Under Armour Healthbox Review


Under Armour is getting into the All Day Tracking Arena with their Under Armour Healthbox.  The UA Healthbox is a combination all day tracker wrist device, weight scale, heart rate monitor and head phones combined with their UA Record app (Available on Google Play & Apple’s App Store).

Under Armour Healthbox

Under Armour – UA Band

Under Armour UA Band HealthBox Review

The UA Band measures sleep, resting heart rate, steps, and workout intensity (when worn with UA Heart Rate)

The UA Band is an All Day Tracker.
  • Features a display that can stay on during workouts, no need to push buttons
  • Water-resistant so you can wear 24/7
  • Bluetooth Smart compatible and connects with UA Record
  • Step Counter – Track steps and see your progress towards your daily step goal throughout the day.
  • Sleep Monitor – Uses resting heart rate to measure your sleep duration and quality.
  • Activity Alert – Get alerts when you’ve been inactive for too long and when you’re close to reaching your step goals.
  • Phone Notifications – Receive texts, caller ID, and calendar notifications as well as updates and challenges from UA Record.
  • Easy Syncing – Your data automatically syncs with UA Record for real-time data. It can also store data up to 7 days if not connected to your phone.
  • Workout Log – Choose your workout and start recording for customized calculation and tracking. Wear it with UA Heart Rate for workout intensity, active heart rate display, and calories burned.
  • Music Control – Control volume and music selection from your band when synced with your phone.
  • Alarm Clock – Set your band to vibrate and gently wake you up or alert  you for an important time.
  • Retails – $180.00
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Under Armour – UA Scale

The UA Scale tracks weight, body fat and progress and allows up to 8 users.  Data is automatically synced using UA Record.

Under Armour UA Scale HealthBox

UA Heart Rate

Under Armour UA Heart Rate

Under Armour’s UA Heart Rate chest strap wirelessly transmits heart rate readings to the UA Band and UA Record via Bluetooth.

Key Features

  • Heart Rate Sensor – Removable heart rate sensor tracks instantaneous heart rate during workouts for the most accurate reading. Wear with UA Band to see your heart rate zone in real time.
  • Calorie Burn – Calculates how many calories you burn during workouts.
  • WILLPOWER™ – Measures the intensity of your workout so you know when you can work even
  • LED Light – Blue light indicates when UA Heart Rate monitor is on and working.
  • SYNC – Your data automatically syncs with UA Record to see in real time your workout intensity.
  • Lock-In Fit – Just wet the back of the strap for a snug, comfortable grip that won’t slip.
  • Water Resistant – Wear during even your toughest, sweatiest workouts.

Under Armour – UA Record

Under Armour UA Record

UA Record collects your data and provides a 24/7 view of your progress. Set goals, capture sleep, log workouts, measure activity, track nutrition, and connect with friends and athletes.  Currently the app is available from the Google store and Apple store.

  • Analyzes all of your data and provides a single view of your daily progress
  • Provides personalized insights and recommendations
  • Can create challenges with friends so you stay motivated
  • Insights powered by IBM Watson
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Bottom Line

Under Armour is taking a holistic approach to tracking, combining weight measurement, activity tracking and heart rate.  The addition of weight tracking gives a better overall assessment of an individuals progress.  The fact that everything is synced via Bluetooth almost eliminates the need for  manual recording, well unless you’re on vacation.  In our opinion the weight recording aspect makes the overall package very appealing.

One draw back to the UA Band is it requires the UA Heart Rate strap to record heart rate data.  Both Fitbit and Garmin have integrated bands that wrist HR monitors and don’t require the need of a HR strap.  Garmin also has a weight scale called the Garmin Index™ Smart Scale, which appears comparable to the UA Scale.


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