10000 Steps History Dr. Yoshiro Hatano


The 10000 Steps History dates back to Japan in 1960s.  A Japanese research team lead by Dr. Yoshiro Hatano determined that the average Japanese person took between 3,500 to 5000 steps per day.  The team concluded that if people increased their daily step count to 10,000, they would become healthier and as a result thinner.

Dr. Yoshiro Hatano 10000 Steps HistoryBased on Dr. Yoshiro Hatono’s calculations, walking 10,000 steps a day could burn up to 20% of a person’s daily calories.

The problem of course was the technology had to catch up to science.   As years passed, affordable technology became available in the form of pedometers.  In 1965 Yamasa Tokei, invented what is now known as the 10,000 step pedometer.  Dr. Hatano began selling a 10,000 step pedometer known as “manpo-kei” (10,000 steps meter).  The Manpo-kei became widely accepted in Japan for it’s simplicity and motivational factors.


10000 Steps History

Manpo-kei is written 万歩計.

万: man – 10,000
歩: po  – step
計: kei – measure

Today there is a wide range of gadgets from simple pedometers to full blown wrist watch computers calculating all day activity.

Organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), US Center for Disease Control (CDC), US Surgeon General, American Heart Foundation, US Department of Health & Human Services all recommend daily activity of 10,000 steps.

It’s not clear if 10,000 steps is sufficient for everyone, but it’s a great starting point or goal to achieve. 10,000 steps equates to approximately 300 to 400 kcal per day (depending on speed and body size).  Now of course over achievers are going to blow by the 10,000 mark and set goals of 15,000 or more.

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While on vacation Kathleen and I were hitting at or near 20,000 steps.  This was achieved by working out twice daily and also walking to the beach.  Obviously we aren’t your average step counters, we tend to get a little competitive.  Still we had a blast and got great workouts in.


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