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For those who love the outdoors, capturing it can sometimes be sort of a quandary.  I am here to showcase some items you may or may not have heard of.  Here are my Top 5 Audio And Video Gadgets.

GoPro Logo

GoPro HERO4-blackGoPro-HERO-session

In the world of fast action cool cinematic fun, GoPro is pretty slick.  Their motto is “

To be quite honest that totally rings true with their GoPro Hero4 and new Hero Session.  The cameras/video recorders are super easy to use and can create lasting memories.

What makes the GoPro line really stand out are all the accessories that have been created.  There are mounts for helmets, bicycles and just about anything else you can think of.

The only thing really missing from the GoPro lineup are GoPro specific microphones.  While the GoPros themselves have internal mics, they certainly aren’t as good as a quality external microphone.  Now if GoPro could come up with a wireless microphone, that would make the system really sick.

The GoPro’s range in price from $199 for the Session to $499 for the top of the line GoPro4 Black edition.

GoPro’s Website

rode logo

Rode videomic Pro

While GoPro is king of the small video market, the RØDE and the VideoMic Pro is the go to shotgun microphone for videographers and Youtubers.  For those that are wondering, a shotgun mic allows you to capture sound from a distance rather than having to be right next to the mic.  The other advantage is the shotgun mic focuses it’s recording to things that it is pointing at rather than a surround sound type of microphone.  Think of it as a compact directional microphone.

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What makes the RØDE and the VideoMic Pro the go to mic for many videographers is due to it’s clear sound quality and it’s great shock mount.  The VideoMic Pro’s power is driven by a 9V battery given it over 70 hours of run time.  Being powered by a batter also has the benefits of reducing background noise over non-battery type microphones.

For those looking to up their game in sound quality, you will not be disappointed with the RØDE VideoMic Pro.

RØDE’s Website


DJI Logo

For those who don’t want to buy a GoPro, but have a iPhone, there is a company called DJI who make a very cool Gimbal/video camera called the Osmo.  It might just change the way people use their iPhones.  What is a Gimbal you ask?  A Gimbal is a pivoted support that allows the rotation of an object about a single axis.  In this case the Osmo is a 3 axis electronic Gimbal that controls the motion of the camera to stabilize it from the users movements and shakes.  You can think of it as a camera stabilizer on steroids and then some.

I certainly can’t go into all the details, but suffice to say the Osmo will drastically change the way you take video with your iPhone.  Gimbals are wicked cool and those who own them have made a huge leap in video quality.


Up next is another product by DJI known as the Phantom 4 Drone.

DJI Phantom 4 Drone

Drones have become all the rage and have made a huge impact on obtaining footage that use to be out of the realm of ordinary citizens.  The DJI is state of the art drone technology that blows away it’s predecessors.  Drones used to be rather complicated, but now with almost no flying hours, you can almost act like a pro.

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Right now the Phantom isn’t cheap, with a price tag of $1,399, but for what it does and the videos it can capture, that isn’t a bad price at all.

DJI’s Website

bestablecam GimbalComing back to Gimbals there are actually quite a few that are designed to work with the GoPro.  It will make your GoPro visual experiences much more smooth and professional.  Rather than single a particular company, I thought I would list a few that seem to make really high quality Gimbals.

Be Stable’s Website Zhiyun-Tech’s Website Pilot Fly’s Website

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