Sweet Potato Pancake Recipe


Sweet Potato Pancake Recipe!

Sweet Potato Pancake RecipeSweet Potato Pancake Recipe – That’s right, and this is coming from a pancake snob. I love pancakes! Tom and I have a Saturday AND Sunday morning ritual of making pancakes after an early run or bike ride.

Over the past few months I had been strongly encouraged to go gluten free and even dairy free due to some pretty severe sinus allergies. What???!!! That was bad news for our pancake rituals. Heart breaking. Of course I didn’t have to obey this advice, but I am curious enough to find out if gluten is having any ill effect on my digestion and allergies.

I’m not perfect with it, but I am trying out new ways of cooking without gluten. There are some “OK” gluten free pancake mixes out there that I’ve tried. Some actually better than “OK”, but I was thinking about going even simpler with my ingredients and getting as whole and fresh as possible. Duh! This seems so obvious, but in our over processed culture and need for convenience seems to put the dunce cap on us at times. 🙂

Whole, Clean, Organic & Fresh; turns out to be quite simple!! So simple that this Yamcake recipe only requires three basic ingredients, plus some spices. Nothing processed (or mildly processed if you choose to include brown rice), nothing complicated, nothing I can’t pronounce. My pancake ritual has been taken up a quality notch.

Sweet Potato Pancakes

Sweet Potato Pancake Ingredients:

Also know as Damn Good Yamcakes 🙂

Ingredients: (for 2 servings)

  • 4 eggs
  • 1/2 medium sized (cooked) sweet potato or yams. *(if you use too much sweet potato it gets mooshy like baby food)
  • 1/4 – 1/2 cup of (cooked) brown rice (quinoa, or other gluten free grain)
  • 1/2 Tsp Garam Masala
  • 1/2 Tsp Cinnamon
  • 1/4 Tsp of Vanilla Salt
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  • Whisk eggs. Add sweet potato and rice. Smash it up evenly. Add Spices and Seasonings. Mix well. Keep some lumps.
  • Pour 1/4 to 1/2 cup of mixture into hot pan. I use coconut oil on the surface.
  • Use spatula to press down like a pancake. after 2 -3 minutes flip to other side.
  • Serve Up and Enjoy!
  • (Optional: Pour Maple Syrup or Honey on top. Though not needed. The sweet potato is sweet enough on its own).

Nutritious Values :

  • Complex Carbohydrates (the “good” carbs that won’t spike your blood insulin levels as as fast as simple carbs.
  • Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Maganese, B-6 to name a few. And full of anti-oxidants!
  • Anti Inflammatory, great for digestion, skin, heart health, cancer fighter, immune booster. Need I say more?


Feature Ingredient Spotlight!!

Vanilla Salt from Confituras. They are a local to Austin Jelly and Jam maker. I found this special salt at Springdale Farmers Market one Wednesday morning. A little salt goes a long way! Next time I go back, I’m getting their Chilli Lime Salt.

Simple, Clean, Fresh and Whole. Ingredients to boost your Value. Eat well and Enjoy.

Now onto eating my Sweet Potato Pancakes before Tom steals them all!! I caught him red handed!



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