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For those that don’t know, I am a huge gadgeteer.  I love to seek out companies who have amazing products that make whatever you do better.  I found such a company today called KNEKT.  If you are a GoPro fanatic you may or may not of heard KNEKT.  What they make are some of the finest US made accessories for the GoPro 3 and 4.

KNEKT started out as a way to improve upon some of the existing GoPro shooting accessories that were deemed less than satisfactory.  Three friends with unique backgrounds and talents came together including Bodi Orton, Kyle Maligro and Harry Antipala.  The idea was to create better methods for capturing water sports and recreation.

In November of 2013 the first of their products was released. The KNEKT GP3 Trigger.

The KNEKT GP4 Trigger is the successor to the GP3+. It is the most feature rich and robust trigger KNEKT have ever produced. It designed for whatever mother nature throws at it can can stand up to very heavy surf.

The KNEKT Trigger Pole is specifically designed for those who love to shoot at a distance.  The KNEKT TRIGGER POLE allows instant control of your GoPro’s start/stop record button. No batteries or wifi remote needed.

KNEKT Trigger Pole

It’s perfect for taking those fun selfies while cruising to the beach (Although we don’t recommend this while driving, it does look very impressive.)

Combining the KNEKT Trigger with the KNEKT Dome creates some totally impressive water images.  The dome provides a 1 to 1 ratio when half in and half out of the water allowing for some spectacular photos.


Bottom Line if you LOVE your GoPro and haven’t quite figured out how to top your friend’s pictures, you just might have found the answer.

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Check out KNEKT and there amazing product lineup.

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