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Today we are showcasing some of the BEST of the Best Nordic Walking Poles that we were able to track down in our “TOP 10 NORDIC WALKING POLES” review.  OK maybe we have added a few more poles, but we are listing some of the top brands and Nordic Walking pole manufactures.

To understand where Nordic Walking and where it is today, we must go BACK IN TIME to the beginning of cross country skiing.  In 1924 the Olympics accepted cross country skiing as a new Olympic sport and Norway reigned as the gold champions in both the 18km and 50km races.

Oddbjorn Hagen, Norwegian cross-country skier, Winter Olympics, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, 1936.

Nordic Walking History

Nordic Walking roots date back to the 1930s in Finland where cross-country skiers would incorporate Nordic poles on dry land for training.  From 1930’s – 1990’s Nordic walking remained mostly a off season and dry land type of exercise exclusively for cross-country skiers.

Around the 1990s popularity for Nordic Walking took off in Europe and about 10 years later hit the US.  Nordic walking is still in it’s infancy in the US, but from my perspective could be a huge hit with the aging baby boomers.

Why Nordic Walk?

Top 10 Noric Walking Poles - Nordic Walking

For those who have ever done or seen cross country skiing, Nordic Walking looks vaguely similar.  The missing part of course is the skis, but a lot of the movement, especially in the upper body is the same.

The concept behind Nordic Walking is it gives you a much more vigorous workout than walking without poles.  At the same time it helps reduce knee injuries by lessoning the load on the knees, gives a great overall upper body workout and is extremely fun to do.

Nordic Walking can be very social and something the whole family can enjoy together.  For those who want a way to cross train, Nordic Walking is perfect for runners, swimmers, cyclists and anyone else who need an active recovery day.

I Nordic Walk 3 times a week in-between runs for a great active recovery day.

Nordic Walking poles usually consist of carbon fiber or aluminum or a combination of the two.  Prices range from $50 for the low end, mostly aluminum versions, to $250, for the top end, mostly carbon versions.

Trekking Poles Vs Nordic Walking Poles

Nordic comic

Basically More Nordic Walking and Less Nordic Talking.

Trekking poles and Nordic Walking poles look very similar in design, but their use is quite different.  It’s similar to comparing a mountain bike to a road bike.  You can think of using trekking poles for off road adventures like you would a mountain bike.  Nordic Walking poles are more in line with a road bike, where rugged terrain is usually avoided.

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Nordic Walking poles are geared for mostly flat and gentle rolling hills.  Trekking poles on the other hand are perfectly happy in the mountains and love when conditions are muddy and sloppy.

The main differences between the two are

  • The Handles – Nordic Walking poles incorporate the use of gloves that attach to the handles where as Trekking poles rely on hand straps.
  • The baskets – Nordic Walking poles baskets tend to be small or non existent.  Trekking poles on the other hand have bigger baskets that are useful for mud, snow and sand.
  • Pole Tips – Nordic Poles usually have angled tips compared to straight tips of trekking poles.

Before we begin with the top 10 trekking poles we must absolutely play the Nordic Walking Song. ????  After you watch this video you will never look at Nordic Walking the same.  You will become absolutely hooked.  If not, May the Nordic Walking song haunt you until you are. ????

Top 10 Nordic Walking Poles

Exel Sports is based out of FINLAND and have quite an assortment of Nordic Walking Poles.  We feel the Pro line are some of their best, so we have include 2 choices.

Exel Nordic Pro Curve
Exel Sports Curve Nordic Walking Pole

The Exel Curve pro is the first innovation in Nordic Walking poles for a decade. The curve design increases push off and reduces vibration. A powerful training tool for Nordic walkers. Fitted with the ALIS strap for comfort and great fit. The All Terrain Tip is fitted for both on and off road walking.

  • Shaft: 100% Carbon Composite Construction
  • Grip: Cork ALIS
  • Strap: ALIS
  • Spiketip: All Terrain Tip
  • Exel Carbon Index: 100%
  • Lengths: 105-125 cm

Exel Nordic Pro Adjust

Exel Sports Nordic Pro Adjust Nordic Pole

The Nordic walker Pro Travel is lightweight and collapses down small enough to fit in a suitcase or backpack (67cms when collapsed). It then adjusts out to up to 130cms. Fitted with a cork grip and quick release strap and an All Terrain Tip. A great option for the traveling Nordic Walker.

  • Shaft: 100% | 50%  Carbon Composite Construction
  • Grip: Cork ALIS
  • Strap: ALIS
  • Spiketip: All Terrain Tip
  • Exel Carbon Index: 100%
  • Lengths: Adjustable 100cm to 130cms

FIZAN Nordic Walking Poles

Fizan was founded in ITALY by Mr Fincati Domenico 1947, a man of vision, he was first to produce ski poles in aluminum when steel and bamboo were the normal materials used, the rest as they say is history.

Fizan sent us both the Fizan Race and the Fizan Trainer.  The race was a single length pole specifically made for racing or for people who knew exactly what length pole they wanted to use.  The Fizan Trainer is an adjustable length Nordic pole.

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Fizan ranks up there as one of our favorite poles to use.  Either one is great to walk with.  What makes these poles stand out is their very comfortable grips and the glove system.


Fizan RACE Nordic Walking Pole

  • Carbon shaft 80%
  • 16mm sizes 100-135 each 5cm
  • Dualdensity cork rubber grip with FR3 Strap System
  • N35 basket with Xc Carbide tip
  • Nordic rubber stopper
  • 150 grams (115cm)

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Fizan Trainer Nordic Walking Pole

  • Carbon 80%
  • Telescopic 16/14mm
  • Extension 105-130 cm
  • CONCEPT System (Patented)
  • Dual-density cork rubber grip with FR3 Strap System
  • E-Basket with Carbide tip
  • Nordic rubber stopper
  • 175 grams

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Komperdell hails from AUSTRIA has been around since 1922.  They  produce great ski poles and overtime time got into the Nordic Walking pole market.

Our top picks for Komperdell are the NW Carbon Vario II and the Carbon Traveler.  While we absolutely loved the Komperdell trekking line, we felt that their currently lineup of Nordic Walking poles just didn’t compare to Fizan or LEKI for comfort and looks.

NW Carbon Vario II

Komperdell NW Carbon Vario II Nordic Walking Pole

  • sizes: packed size: 107 cm max. length: 125 cm
  • Nordic Walking comfort strap CLICK-IN
  • Nordic foam grip CLICK-IN
  • upper section: alu/alloy Ø 14 mm
  • lower section: carbon Ø 16 mm
  • POWER LOCK II system
  • Nordic Walking All Season tip
  • Nordic Walking grip pad

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Carbon Traveler

Komperdell Carbon Traveler Nordic Walking Pole

  • sizes: packed size: 57 cm, max. length: 120 cm
  • Nordic Walking comfort strap CLICK-IN
  • Nordic foam grip CLICK-IN
  • 3-section:
  • Upper section: Carbon Ø 16 mm
  • Middle section: Carbon Ø 14 mm
  • Lower section: Carbon Ø 12 mm
  • Power Lock 2.0 mechanism
  • Nordic Walking all season tip
  • Nordic Walking grip pad

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Instructor Lite SL2

Instructor Lite SL2

The 2015 Instructor is a showcase of LEKI innovation thanks to the innovative Trigger Shark system, the unique combination of high strength aluminum and 100% Carbon shafts for added stability and balance, and the next generation SpeedLock2 as the easiest lock adjustment system with the highest rated holding power for an external lock mechanism.

  • 16mm HTS 6.5 Series Aluminum upper shaft
  • 14mm 100% HM Carbon lower shaft
  • SpeedLock2 adjustment system
  • Shark grip/strap system
  • Rubber Fitness Traction tip
  • Adjusts 100-125cm

Micro Magic

Leki Micro Magic Nordic Walking PoleLEKI’s folding pole construction for trail running and walking. The push-button release mechanism allows for quick, easy assembly and dis-assembly of the pole. With the unique Trigger Shark Grip, you can click in and out of the grip. The function and handling is simply ingenious and offers maximum power transfer. 100% pure Carbon shafts and Aluminum inserts ensure absolute maximum stability. Whether it’s for Nordic walking or trail running, the Micro Magic will take you out on the trail and get you back home in style. Includes bag.

  • 100% HM Carbon shaft sections
  • Push button connector for quick assembly/knock down
  • Shark grip/strap system
  • PE coated reinforced tension cord for long term reliability
  • Stainless steel connectors
  • Rubber fitness traction tip
  • Packs down to 15.5″ (120 cm length)
  • Fixed length sizing: 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130 cm
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Masters – In 1977 Mr Renato Zaltron found the ITALIAN Company, initially launched in the accessories and pole’s components.

High Speed CALU

Masters High_Speed_Calu Nordic Walking PoleMade in patented bi-material CALU®, two sections ø 16/14 mm. Adjustable length from 78 cm to 135 cm. Clamper System. It comes with Evolution Click glove and features the new Essenza grip, a two component plastic natural cork handle, cold insulating and sweat absorbing. It has a Cruise support with carbide tip.


  • Essanza Grip
  • Evolution Click Glove
  • Carbide Tip
  • Two sections 16/14 mm
  • Clamper Locking System
  • Adjustable: 78 – 135cm
  • 170 grams



Masters Physique_08 Nordic Walking Pole

This pole is 80% high-modulus carbon making and it is the lightest Masters fixed length pole. It comes with Evolution Click glove and the new Essenza grip perfectly attuned to the hand anatomy and features a 2 component plastic and natural cork, making the handle cold insulating and sweat absorbing. It has a Cruise support with carbide tip for softer surfaces and rubber asphalt pads for hard surfaces.

Available length from 100 cm to 135 cm
Weight 150 gr / pc

  • Available length from 100 cm to 135 cm
  • Weight 150 gr / pc
  • Essanza Grip
  • Evolution Click Glove
  • Carbide Tip
  • One section – Lengths from 100cm to 135cm
  • 150 grams


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