Liquid Gold Bone Broth Soup


hot love soupBone Broth is liquid gold…

It should be the first food item at the base of a deeply nourishing, nutrient-dense diet; liquid gold bone broth soup is truly medicine. Drink a hot mug daily, use cold as the base for your smoothies, sub in for liquid in recipes, sauces, sautés, pancakes, etc. (Hot Love Soup has been making pastured chicken and 100% grass-fed beef bone broth since 2012, so we consider ourselves experts).

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Why you need Liquid Gold Bone Broth Soup Daily:

  • Extraordinarily high in protein, low in calories.
  • The food most closely related to the lining of your gut; its high gelatin content helps regrow healthy flora and aids digestion.
  • High gelatin & collagen content helps keep joints well-oiled and, along with proline, keeps hair, nails, and skin strong.
  • Loaded with minerals and nutrients to keep bones strong.
  • Amino acids help fight inflammation and build immunity.
  • Glycine content supports the body’s detoxification process and aids in digestion.

liquid gold Bone Broth soup

WHAT REALLY IS IT? Bone broth is NOT the typical canned chicken and beef broths found on the shelves of grocery stores; bone broth is different because animal bones, along with some vinegar and spices and veggies, are stewed in filtered water for a much longer period of time (24-48 hours chicken, 72 hours beef), which helps to remove as many minerals and nutrients as possible from the bones. These minerals and nutrients leech into the broth, creating an extraordinarily nutrient/mineral/amino acid-dense “bone broth.” Does not contain actual meat.

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Bone Broth Stew

Read more on the benefits of bone broth on Mercola’s website, and see bone broth featured on The Today Show!

Bone Broth Today Show
Bone Broth is tried and true! Bone Broth on the Today Show, January 2015.

“A good broth can revive the dead.”
-South American proverb

Katie, your soup lady;)

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