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Here is a really interesting gadget called Moov Now.  It’s the second generation for the Moov tracking system.  I have yet to try it, but based on what I have seen people seem to think it is rather cool.

It works in conjunction with your smartphone using bluetooth and head phones, so to get the most out of it, you will need to walk or run with your phone using the Moov app plus use a set of head phones.

Moov App

What happens is as you workout the Moov Now device will communicate with the Move App on your phone.  The program will then coach you via your headphones on things like proper cadence, speed, stride length, impact and other stats.  It’s like having a coach with you he entire time.


Moov Now Tracks



The Moov Now device is really two parts.  A band that the device is housed in and a pod unit.  Moov Now comes with 2 different size bands, one being for your ankle and the other being for your wrist.  The Moov Now unit can be popped out and moved to either band.

Moov Now has a battery life of around 6 months and the battery can be replaced by swapping in a new one.  The units currently sell for $79.99, which is rather inexpensive considering how much individual coaching costs these days.

Moov Now Review – Bottom Line

It’s a super cool concept that can be pretty motivating for many.  The downfall for me though is the thought of carrying my phone with me and wearing headphones.  I like to disconnect when I am exercising and enjoy more nature without the thought of getting a call on my phone to distract me.

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Moov female Athlete - Moov Now Review

Still if I used it once or twice a week it might be useful and I might end up really enjoying it.

Check out Moov’s website and the Moov Now

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