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Ever notice the GoPro Instagram Running Photos?  Most of the really cool running shots you see on Instagram are done using a GoPro, well at least the ones I have seen.

For those looking to up their running sports photography, a GoPro is an excellent choice.  We decided on the GoPro Hero 3+.  At time of purchase (2 years ago) this was the top of the line GoPro.  Now GoPro has the Hero 4 and variations there of.  This year GoPro is coming out with it’s GoPro Hero 5, a major leap in design, incorporating higher definition in a smaller package .  That said, the GoPro Hero 3 is plenty of camera/recorder for most.

To understand GoPro, you have to walk back in time to 2001, when an entrepreneur by the name of Nick Woodman designed the beginnings of the GoPro line.  Like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and others, Nick was a visionary.   He was a surfer at heart, but with mad passion towards capturing the moments.  His first prototype was simply a wrist strap that allowed people to take pictures while surfing.  Of course the elements of the sea require some sort of waterproof housing.  By 2005 Nick starts selling a waterproof kit (Camera and waterproof housing).  In 2006 the company goes digital with their GoPros.  With each year more advancements are added to the line.  By December 2012 Nick and his company have become a Billion dollar juggernaut.

GoPro built up a huge following and continues to do so by utilizing social media, namely Instagram, so it should come as no surprise that we decided to take the plunge and learn how to best use the GoPro for Instagram action shots.

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What you will need to take great Instagram Photos

  • GoPro Hero 3 or 3+


Below is the menu layout for the GoPro 3.  The 4 and soon to be 5 might be slightly different.

Side Note: The Go Pro Hero 5 is anticipated to be 50% smaller and 40% lighter than the Hero 4 and would probably be made to fit inside the Karma drone being developed by the company.



GoPro Instagram Running Photos – Setting Up Instagram Shots With GoPro 3 and the iPhone GoPro App

GoPro Instagram Running Photos

The GoPro works extremely well with the GoPro App when doing Instagram photos with a partner.  I find using this method much easier to work with than the remote.

Here are the basics for shooting great Instagram shots with the GoPro

  • Set the GoPro to Photo Burst (Shoots multiple frames)
  • Set Protune On
  • Set Photo Burst rate to 30/1 (30 frames per second)
  • Set the Photo Resolution to Wide (12 Mega Pixels)
  • Set the Photo App to “Control”

gopro app iconNote: The GoPro 3 uses Wi-Fi to talk to the iPhone App, so you need to set the Wi-Fi to connect to the camera.  To do so, turn GoPro’s power and wireless connection on first (two separate button clicks), then open up your iPhone’s Wi-Fi settings and look for GoPro.  Once connected open up the GoPro App on the iPhone.

Observations: We experimented with different Photo Burst speeds from 3 seconds to 1 second.  We found that 1 second of 3o frames seemed to give the best overall results.

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You will have to experiment with how far away you are from the camera’s lens, but in most cases you want to be relatively close.

The main aspect of using the iPhone App over the GoPro Smart Remote is you can instantly view your shots by using the iPhone’s GoPro Apps Media viewer.  This allows you to review the shots and make adjustments as necessary.

Going it Alone with the the GoPro Smart Remote.

GoPro3 Remotegopro-smart-remoteThere will be days where “THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE”, basically days where it’s  just you and your GoPro.  To capture action shots of yourself you’re going to want to get the GoPro Wi-Fi Remote.  The remote triggers the GoPro’s photo burst while on the move.

Side Note: GoPro has discontinued the GoPro Wi-Fi and replaced it with the GoPro Smart Remote.  The new remote has an additional Settings button.

Typical Setup

  • Set the GoPro to Photo Burst (Shoots multiple frames)
  • Set Protune On
  • Set Photo Burst rate to 30/1 (30 frames per second)
  • Set the Photo Resolution to Wide (12 Mega Pixels)

While the iPhone GoPro App is amazing with 2 or more people involved in the shots, the GoPro Smart remote allows you to capture “YOU” without the need of an assistant.

Observations: Normal setup is basically the same as the GoPro App, but instead you will be using the trigger on the remote to start shooting.  Most runners simply set the GoPro camera on the ground as normal and carry the remote in their hand.  When you’re ready to start shooting, you simply press the red start button to begin the Photo Burst.

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While the remote has the advantage of not needing anyone else to help, you don’t have the ability to quickly view your images.  Normally you will have to switch between the remote and the iPhone app or get the GoPro viewer that attaches to the back of the GoPro. 


Luckily there are remotes out there like the REMOVU R1+.  Unlike the GoPro Smart Remote, the REMOVU displays what the camera sees, allowing you to easily setup shots and review them afterwords. 



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